Welcome Message by The Rt. Hon. Chow Kon Yeow
Chief Minister of Penang

For the seventh year in a row, the Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau is hosting its very own conference, and I am delighted to extend a warm greeting to all of you at BE @ Penang 2022 - BE Forward.

Penang has always been a popular spot for vacations and conferences alike; we hope to keep that momentum going as we continue to welcome visitors from across the world. Penang is leveraging its leadership position by hosting this face to face conference and making strides toward luring back travellers to the island to strengthen the connections between industry partners.

Penang's state government, guided by the Penang2030 vision, is committed to fostering the growth of the state's information and technology sectors. Penang can easily meet the rising demands for both virtual and hybrid events, and as more physical events begin to resume, it can also upgrade its offerings to meet the rising demand. All of this is a result of the state's continual enhancements and building of 5G infrastructure, which was just launched and is driving the 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

I hope you all feel at home as we establish and maintain our prior connection.

Thank you.