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Mike Van Der Vijver
Mike van der Vijver is a free-lance Meeting Designer of international meetings for a wide variety of international clients through his companies MindMeeting and Orange Gibbon – whether live, virtual or hybrid. Orange Gibbon specialises in the design of effective meeting programmes in Asia. He is also works as an advisor, trainer and coach in Intercultural Management. Mike is a regular facilitator, moderator or chairman of the day at meetings and alternatively provides content and training on topics such as meeting effectiveness, innovative meeting formats, and especially Meeting Design. Mike is the co-author of Into the Heart of Meetings (together with Eric de Groot), published in January 2013, the first book on Meeting Design, which has already been called the standard work on the topic. He has also published several articles and book chapters on intercultural management. In 2022, Mike and Eric’s second book is dude to appear in the autumn of 2022, with the title Meetings, by Default or by Design. He is a native of the Netherlands but he has work bases in Taipei (Taiwan) and Naples (Italy).

9 December 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
Design Your Legacy

All meetings need to leave something behind. Something demonstrable, something lasting. Today, too many meetings don’t. In this thought-provoking session, you will learn why we need to change the way we do meetings fundamentally in order for the meeting industry to maintain its long-term viability. And the first three steps that will allow us, all those working in the meetings industry together, to achieve that. Expect many of your long-held views about meetings to be challenged!

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"Back to 2040"

In 2040, will meetings have succumbed to technology? Or to a lack of sustainable meeting models? And if we still have meetings, what will they look like? This session will explore the long-term changes in meetings. One thing is certain: to remain viable in the sweeping changes of the times to come, meeting programmes will need to be designed better – designed for tangible outcomes. Exploration will take place in true workshop style, which means that participants will “work” and “shop” – work together on developing ideas and shop for these ideas in close cooperation with the workshop presenters. This workshop is the logical sequel to the plenary morning session about the long-term viability of meetings.

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