Lee Mark The Hot Shoe Show @ Co.

Lee Mark

8 December 2022 (Day 1)

Time Session
Hybrid Events : How Not to Burn Your Pockets

Let’s talk about one of the most dreaded subjects in the events industry: the hybrid event budget. As an amalgamation of in-person and virtual events, hybrid events are complex, versatile, and sometimes hard to budget for. While they are typically more expensive than in-person events, there are also many ways event planners can save money with a hybrid event and see a higher event ROI. In this session, our industry experts will share tips and tricks for reducing your costs and increasing your returns when planning your next hybrid event.

Lee Mark Moderator The Hot Shoe Show @ Co.
Dee Dee Quah Panelist Medical Conference Partners
Presanth Chandra Panelist TIN Media
Ronald Lim Panelist Think Event
Yusno Yunos Panelist Evenesis - Y Us Events