Fajaffri Mohd Fadzil NCER - Northern Corridor Economic Region

Fajaffri Mohd Fadzil is an industry expert with more than 25 years of working experience in both government and multinational organizations. He has led multi-disciplinary teams, critical strategic initiatives with core competencies in business operations and project management. Fajaffri joined the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA), the statutory body responsible for socioeconomic development of the Northern states of Perlis, Penang, Kedah, and Perak in 2014. During his tenure at NCIA he has been instrumental in driving policy, strategizing, and increasing the influx of private investment into the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER). Mr. Fajaffri currently holds the position of Senior Director, Investment Division at NCIA where he is responsible for identifying, facilitating, and realizing private investments in NCER. Highly passionate about technology, its commercialization, and implementation in industry, he continues to drive government-industry-academia linkages and initiatives to elevate the NCER towards becoming a world-class economic region and technology hub.