Fiona Marcus Raja Borneo International Enterprise

Fiona has more than a decade's worth of industry-leading expertise and founded numerous companies, serving as the Managing Director and business consultant in non-profit organizations. Fiona founded her first profitable business, the NailMeGood Nail Patio, at the age of 22. A year later, she transformed a losing venture into the Sarawak River Cruise, one of Kuching's most well-known tourism ventures. Fiona teamed up with her peers at the age of 25 to launch Backtoback (B2B) Ideas and Borneo International Enterprise (BIE) Sdn Bhd, two linked companies that have become one of Sarawak's fastest-growing event and conference planning businesses. Back in 2018, Fiona and team launched 11Ridgeway – a venue to house innovators and creative thinkers. It also serves as a birthplace for The Royce Foundation - devoted to building awareness of children’s cancer and support for caregivers who are struggling to cope with their role, be it the elderly or the sickly. Envisioned to create and help others to create, Fiona is also the founder of TENUN Asia – a movement that aims to provide a sustainable platform for both preservation and innovation in Sarawak’s multi-cultural landscape. As a technology and marketing enthusiast, Fiona is also the co-founder and Managing Partner for Orion Social Media (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, an Award-Winning Digital Agency, specializing in digital media and branding strategy.