Lee Mark HotshoesAsia

Lee Mark is the Founder of HotshoesAsia, a homegrown award-winning engagement agency since 1986, fondly know as from the Ministry of Happiness. Being fluent in the business events industry especially within B2B2C2X sector, both online and physical, he has worked with many big brands and handled a number of major events that have made an impact in society. Among them include the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011, Guinness St Patrick’s Festival, Malaysia Fashion Week, Asean Lifestyle Week and other record-breaking events. Learning, sharing and bring Malaysia specialty/expertise to the countries around the world since then. Lee Mark has been a member in Malaysian Association of Convention Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (MACEOS) since 2009, and he currently holds the position of Vice President of MACEOS with the portfolio of Innovation.