Nigesh Armon

Graduating as a Mechanical Engineer, Nigesh has had an unconventional journey in career and growth, experiencing different profiles. The areas he primarily covered and honed are marketing, advertising, creative, management, talent development, public speaking, audio / video production, data / behavior analysis and engineering. Nigesh has accumulated a wealth of experience working for local and international organizations across the business spectrum in roles such as Creative Director, Senior Engineering Coordinator, Trainer and Facilitator as well as Master of Ceremony. Notable career highlights include achieving worldwide SME status on 2 test handlers and converting the Offline Equipment Management department into a worldwide BPS site / department in the area of talent management, maintenance practices, cost effectiveness, control system agility at Texas Instruments Malaysia and building Pulse Soundworks, a fledgling audio production studio, into a 360 audio / video production house, record label, digital distribution center, events solutions company, IP management and publisher (sub-publishing with Universal Music). Nigesh has had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals and being an agent of change and betterment in their lives has given him the greatest fulfilment in his life. He now lives by the principal of constantly adding value to others, organisations and self.