Ailynn Seah The Lumiere Consulting

Ailynn holds a MBA in Strategic Marketing and has more than 25 years of successful track record in hospitality sales & marketing leadership role within 5-star hotels and convention centers, managing several geographical and multi-cultural environments. She is the first in S.E.A to receive the Sustainable Event Professional Certification by the Events Industry Council. A member of the Green Meeting Industry Council, she has participated in white paper discussion and presentation. A great advocate in the area of Sustainability & CSR, she has championed numerous green initiatives in her work place and played a pivotal role in the organization’s successful effort in attaining their green initiatives such as the ISO 20121, the leading Sustainable Events Management System accreditation. She is passionate about partnering & supporting clients in advisory roles to attain major milestones in their sustainability goals.

8 December 2022 (Day 1)

Time Session

These days, sustainability is much more than a buzzword, and wise business leaders have realised that you don't have to choose between what's good for business and what's good for the planet. Business and environmental objectives can, and should work together. Making events sustainable has become essential for success in today’s events industry. This topic grows increasingly more important as an evaluation criterion for meeting planners, and venues and destinations are often asked about their implementation of specific green initiatives as part of a bid.

Our special keynote session of this year will also include presentations and an overview about this key topic.

  • Sustainability - Destination
    Peter Lee Speaker Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Sustainability - Venue
    Ailynn Seah Speaker The Lumiere Consulting
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Sustainability : A Revolving Conscious Choice

People these days are actively researching ways to make more environmental friendly choices in their lives. Even in our very own business events industry, potential conference attendees will evaluate all the options and make a conscious choice to spend their time and money on more sustainable events. By choosing a more sustainable conference, attendees feel more comfortable and confident throughout the whole experience.

This session will uncover how organisers, venues and destinations can gain more support, publicity, and advocacy from their target audience before, during, and after the event – all of which contributes to greater profits and success by adapting trending sustainable practices.

Martin Balmer Moderator Northstar Travel Group
Ailynn Seah Panelist The Lumiere Consulting
Josephine Tan Panelist Penang Green Council
Peter Lee Panelist Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau
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