Han Chiang Orange Gibbon

Described by clients as ”meticulous”, ”refined” and ”considerate”, Range Gibbon co-founder Han Chiang brings a wealth of experience and a strong drive for excellence to the world of conference organizing. In combination with her company’s thoughtful service, this has gained her a special reputation in the industry. The year 2016 brought a good example of Han’s thought leadership in the meetings industry, when she was the first to introduce Meeting Design to the Taiwanese meetings market. Since then, she has been committed tirelessly and with great passion to offering better meetings to her clients: better designed and better executed. The revolutionary Meeting Design methodology which she applies with her company Orange Gibbon plays a vital role in this. A touch of Han’s magic will turn a rough idea about a meeting into an event that shines like a diamond.

9 December 2022 (Day 2)

Time Session
Event Design Workshop
Han Chiang Moderator Orange Gibbon
Mike Van Der Vijver Moderator Orange Gibbon
Ballroom 1