BE @ Penang

BE @ Penang is Malaysia’s biggest business events conference owned by Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) and supported by the Penang State Government. The annual conference is the Bureau's lead educational and skill-sharing programming that serves as a catalyst for the collective effort in developing a matured and competitive business events industry. BE @ Penang is co-organised by PCEB and Malaysia's leading professional congress organiser, Anderes Fourdy Events.

BE @ Penang 2022 wants you to BE Forward. And its high Time to Level Up!

Why Attend

BE @ Penang has presented some of the finest talks and workshops from the heart of the business events sector, both domestically and abroad. The conference highlighted renowned industry experts from across the globe, incorporating their views and experiences for business events professionals in this area.

The 7th edition of BE @ Penang 2022 will be more of an ambitious event with the vision to BE FORWARD, especially whilst technology advancements in the business sector are thriving expeditiously.

BE @ Penang 2022 about to navigate through crucial topics for you to :-

  • Get inspired by our renowned Keynote Speaker and gain his insights on algorithm shift in business events 
  • Discover winning future technologies that will elevate your business in the years to come
  • Explore creative social media marketing and content creation ideas shared by industry experts to boost your business 
  • Discover the latest global travellers market trends 
  • Understand the future generation, their expectations and ways to bridge the gap
  • Learn actionable plans to revitalise your business next year